Booking Maid Easy Essential Oil Recipes For Home Cleaning

Essential Oil Recipes For Home Cleaning

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Go-green – Essential Oil Recipes For Home Cleaning

Choosing green cleaning is the right choice – a choice we’ve recently made when performing Maid Services Cleveland. Most of the home cleaning products today are not eco-friendly. As a premier Cleaning Services Akron Ohio, we know how important this switch can be. Inhaling them in, or your skin absorbing them can lead to health risks and accumulated, environmental damage. Plus, they leave your home smelling like a chemical manufacturing plant. So if you decide to clean green, here are some essential oil recipes that are much better for home cleaning and are guaranteed to make your home fresh and all “natural feel.”

1. Black Pepper oil + citrus oils (Lemons especially) are great for sanitizing. Studies have shown that these essential oils are repulsive to bacteria. Hence, they’re great for wiping down surfaces in the kitchen. Just mix them with water in a spray bottle, and you’re good to go.

2. To remove dust from mattresses and chairs, a mixture of lavender, tea tee, and geranium oils work just perfectly. Just mix them thoroughly and spray onto the mattress and watch as it’s left dust-free. Plus it smells great.

3. To rid your bathroom of bacteria. Use an antiviral essential oil mixture. Studies have shown that a mixture of tea tree, oregano and eucalyptus oils are great antiviral oils. These oils make for great disinfectants and are perfect for wiping down bathroom walls and floors.

4. Do you want to get rid of that clingy mold and mildew? Tea tree oil is a perfect combatant. Mix 10-15 drops it to 1 tsp. Alcohol and 2 cups of water and spray over the moldy surface. Works like magic!

5. Sweet orange oil shows great antiviral and antibacterial properties, when combined with lavender essential oil it is ideal for cleaning surfaces where fresh meat have been, surfaces such as cutting boards, refrigerators, and counter tops.

6. Add 5 drops of lemon essential oil to a combination of one-third hydrogen peroxide and two-thirds water for cleaning carpet stains. The peroxide helps break down the stain molecules, and the lemon oil disinfects and releases the particles.

7. To a mix of two-thirds white vinegar and one-thirds water, add 1/4 a teaspoon of olive oil and 10 drops of lemon oil. This mixture is ideal for cleaning glass surfaces such as oven doors, Windows, and even mirrors.

8. To clean wooden furniture and floors, use a combination of the essential oils from lemon, lemongrass, and sandalwood in a ratio of 4:2:3. Top off with a few ounces of jojoba oil. You will have your wood free of bacteria, clean and nice smelling.

9. Skincare is also part of hygiene. Therefore, to keep your skin and face smooth and fresh, Lavender oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil are recommended as the mixture can serve as a great skin moisturizer, bringing out that glow. Apply to the skin daily, preferably morning and night, to get a significant result.

Try these essential Oil recipes today, and marvel at the wonder that results. You get to reap two-fold: (1) A clean, attractive home plus (2) a non-toxic, safe environment.

Thanks again for reading from your favorite Cleaning Service Cleveland!

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