Booking Maid Easy Is An Air Freshener Dangerous?

Is An Air Freshener Dangerous?

Is an air freshener dangerous or not?

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Almost everyone uses an air freshener nowadays. Some of us have on in the car; others use one in their living room or even their bedroom. But you have to wonder, is it ok to use such a product. Or are you dealing with danger and you don’t realize it? It all comes down to numerous factors here, but it’s safe to say that air freshener do come with their own issues and potential dangers.

One thing to take into account is that environmental groups have always warned people against the use of various air fresheners. They state that these products tend to include pollutants that can be harmful to your health. Some organizations like the CPSC or the EPA haven’t ruled out the potential harm that these products can cause in your home.

A study from NRDC has stated that air fresheners include phthalates. These are holding fragrances, but at the same time they can easily link to hormonal disruptions. At the same time, the continual use of air freshener can lead to chocking and various lung health problems in the long term. That’s especially true when you stay close to the product when it dispenses the air.

Aside from that, air freshener also include ethylene glycol ethers and terpenes. These are dangerous, and in the end, they can cause you harm. Even terpenes are not dangerous on their own; they do react with ozone to form formaldehyde. This can be very problematic, and it certainly brings in front a huge set of problems.

People that use air fresheners, not like us at Maid Service Cleveland, in their home are prone to asthma a lot more than everyone else. The reason is easy to understand, these products can be very harmful, and they can easily lead to huge health issues if you don’t treat yourself as fast as possible. Plus, if you already have asthma, these products will aggravate the condition, and that can be a huge problem if you already are following a specific treatment.

Despite the potential health problems that can appear from air freshener use, the EPA hasn’t advised against buying these products. But they do recommend you to use air fresheners with extra care. You shouldn’t use them all the time, and if you do, make sure that your room is properly ventilated. This way you can avoid some major health problems, not to mention you can avoid the presence of any pollutants in your home too.

Plus, there’s always the natural route. There’s no need for air fresheners if you can ventilate your home, use lemon peels or coffee grounds, even baking soda as the means to bring in cleaner air and a different flavor or smell. The idea is to always opt for the natural alternatives as they are healthier and a whole lot safer. You should step away from chemical-filled air fresheners, as they aren’t doing you any favors. Make sure that you go to the doctor and see if the air freshener use has/had any impact on your health. Then you should consider not using air fresheners anymore, as there are much better and healthier alternatives out there!

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