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Have the Best Day Ever at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Have the Best Day Ever at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley is Ohio’s only national park, but it more than makes up for it with its beautiful sights, noble terrain, and lovely weather, which despite occasional snows, allows you to enjoy the park at any time of the year. Having been at one point the 5th most visited park in the whole U.S. National Park System, Cuyahoga offers a variety of outdoor activities such as biking and hiking along its many miles of scenic trails, shopping for fresh produce on a quaint farmers market and even taking a scenic train trip.

Aside from our cleanliness, Cuyahoga is part of Ohio’s pride. That’s only the beginning, though. The real beauty of the park comes up on the small details that you’ll notice during your visits, and you’ll surely have a favorite spot picked out before your first outing is over. Here’s your guide to Cuyahoga Valley National Park with everything you definitely can’t miss!

Brandywine Falls

Amongst all the beautiful waterfalls in Cuyahoga, the most notable of them all is Brandywine, a 65-foot-tall drop that’s easy to reach via a wooden boardwalk. Every season paints a different scene around the waterfall, and the jagged, layered rock formation over which it drops creates a silky, soft white effect on the water that’s hard to match. Definitely one of the best places to relax and take in the beauty of nature! Just remember that being one of the prettiest places in the park, it’s also one of the busiest, so mind the other visitors on the boardwalk.

Bever Marsh

One of the most diverse natural communities in Cuyahoga, the scenery alone makes it worth the hike. The area is teeming with life year round, but the show you’ll get varies depending on the month; you could hear the song of hundreds of frogs, watch turtles swimming around the blooming lily pads, watch the northern cardinals nesting on a snowy tree branch, and even spot one of the eponymous beavers carrying their lumber through the water. This is an excellent place for photographers to hone their skills and capture some great natural scenes, and for people to generally appreciate the environment on a deeper level.

Get fresh produce at Szalay’s

Szalay’s Sweet Corn Farm is a great stop for anyone on the Towpath trail or drivers on the scenic national byway on Riverview Road. Not only do they offer some of the sweetest, tastiest corn you’ve ever tried, they also have fresh fruits and veggies in season, fruity drinks, burger stands, hot dogs, ice cream, and much more. There’s also a really nice corn maze during October. Just remember that the market opens during the summer only, so plan your Cuyahoga Valley National Park itinerary accordingly if you want to enjoy what they offer on your trip.

Ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

And now for something completely different, how many National Parks do you know of that have their own railroad running through them? The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is a really popular attraction for park visitors, especially those who want to enjoy the fall scenery in full. We recommend the Bike Aboard program, which lets you ride the train one way and ride back on your bike for only $3. The railroad functions year round and offers more than just a scenic ride through the park; they also have many special thematic events, on-board breakfast and dining experiences, including beer and wine tastings, and even a Mother’s Day event.

Take the long way over and back

What would a National Park visit be without hiking on its beautiful trails? Cuyahoga has over 125 miles of hiking trails, ranging from entry to challenging levels, and run the gamut from deciduous forest to wetlands and valleys, and some even require that you hop across stepping stones or log bridges over a stream. Whether you are an experienced hiker looking for a challenge or want to bring the whole family for a brisk walk, Cuyahoga was a trail for you. Remember to check the maps, plan your route and visit the CVNP’s website to see if any alerts and park closures are in effect.

Few things in life beat getting close to nature along with your family, and the Cuyahoga Valley is the perfect spot for that. It’s neither the largest or most challenging hike out there, but, as we said at the beginning, it surely makes up for it with raw natural beauty.

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